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Dental Checkup in Ephrata, PA

During a routine checkup, we will take a look at the overall health of your teeth, gums, and mouth. A dental cleaning, detailed examination, and x-rays are all components of a regular checkup. Dental checkups at least once per year go a long way toward ensuring your smile remains bright for years to come.

Here are more details on the main components of a routine dental checkup.

Dental Cleaning

For many people, this is their favorite part of visiting the dentist: the smooth, fresh feeling on your teeth after a cleaning. A skilled dental hygienist will thoroughly inspect, clean, and polish every side of each tooth. The dental cleaning process includes:

  • Removing plaque and tartar
  • Flossing between teeth
  • Polishing teeth

Dental Examination

During your appointment, one of our doctors will complete a detailed medical examination of your mouth. Relying on digital x-rays, your oral records, and magnifying loupes, they will inspect your gums, teeth, jaw, and tongue to ensure your mouth, gums, and teeth are in good health.

The dental examination may include:

  • Gum examination. We will look for signs of gum disease, such as inflamed or bleeding gums.
  • Examine teeth. We check for plaque buildup on your teeth, especially in hard to reach areas. We’ll also check for teeth alignment, any decay, or loose teeth. We’ll also take digital x-rays to evaluate the internal health of your teeth and track any potential cavities.
  • Inspection of fillings. Regular checks of your existing fillings and dental equipment make sure they are protecting your teeth properly.
  • Digital x-rays. Regular x-rays show the internal health of your jaw, teeth, and overall mouth health. We may ask to take additional x-rays to have a clearer picture of your teeth.
  • Cancer screening. This quick check will test for any lumps in your lymph nodes, tongue, and jaw.

Dental Checkups for Kids

In what ways does a checkup for kids differ from adults?

Results & Scheduling Your Next Appointment

At the end of your appointment, we will let you know of the results of the examination and schedule your next appointment. If we discover a cavity, we may ask you to return for a dental filling appointment.

If you are healthy, we’ll schedule your next regular appointment, usually 6 months out from the current date. This will help you stay on top of your oral health and we can keep a close eye on any sensitive areas before they turn into more significant issues.

We’ll also give you any advice and suggestions for you to improve your oral health in between appointments. This often includes regular brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. Samples of recommended products are available for you to take home after your appointment.

Cost of a Dental Checkup

This is a question people are asking online. We don’t have to provide a price, but perhaps explain how insurance/co-pays typically work and how the non-insured pay for a checkup.

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